Climbing the Hill

A few weeks ago, I climbed and conquered my first huge hill as a small business owner…. I quit my day job.

On a warm and rainy late summer night I poured my husband a nice bourbon (or two) and convinced him it was time to turn my side- hustle into my full-time hustle and step away from a 17-year career as a pediatric nurse.

Three years of hard work, passion and an amazing husband, who had supported me even without a business plan, had led to a daily life of …….complete craziness and chaos. Like every working parent, I felt pulled in a million directions and I was failing in all my roles, but now, I’m all- in and focused on family and Remnants…..the two things that bring me the most joy.

Remnants is unique.

Remnants is original and here’s why:

Did you know…..

  • I personally design and sew every bag that leaves the Remnant’s studio. I am a self-taught industrial sewing machinist (pretty sure I made that up… but I am proud to be one)

  • I collaborate and source exclusively with small businesses in the production of every Remnants bag.  From my product photography to our zipper tags, Remnants supports over 10 locally and US based small businesses. Charles Dakota Photography, Springfield Leather, A Vintage Parcel, Western Reserve Designer Fabrics, Schindler’s Fabrics, Worthington Fabrics, everythingribbons, and most recently, Jackson Grey Jewelers (just to name a few). Although this increases my material costs, it is an important , if not the most important part of the Remnants story.

  • I use fabrics that I source from top designers and fabric manufacturers - acquiring discontinued fabrics, scraps from projects and memos. Even the smallest of pieces I try to use……it’s the reason that Remnants are one-of-a-kind. I almost always have just enough fabric for a piece of a project. The Remnants Bag that you choose is special. You are the only one that will have it. True story.

  • Lastly…..our NEW bangle!! I could not be more excited than to share the news of my collaboration with Jackson Grey Jewelers in the creation of the new Remnants Bangle. Jackson Grey Jewelers hand forges and hammers each bangle by using Old World metal and smithing techniques. This allows each bangle to obtain it’s subtle but finished polish. When you carry your Remnants clutch on your wrist, it is not just functional , it’s gorgeous craftsmanship. I am extremely proud of this collaboration and the effort to support small business.

Remnants as a side hustle was fun, however, running Remnants as a business means having to do and make non-glamorous, serious (and at times difficult) decisions…such as increasing pricing. To be honest, It’s something I should have considered a long time ago , something every business mentor has encouraged me to do but I have been hesitant, even afraid. I felt undeserving of a higher price point. However, Remnants is real now and real does not mean “just for fun”…real means I have to be vulnerable and feel uncomfortable in order to grow and change.

I now understand that to nurture the growth of Remnants -in production, craftsmanship and the continued support through collaborations with local businesses, I have to take this step.

The Remnants product is special…all the way from the custom bangle to the tucked away inside corner. All the way from my design table to the gift wrapping and hand-made Thank You cards.

I hope that you will continue to support Remnants and believe that #howyoucarryyourselfmatters


Thank you for taking the time to read this journal post, liking my page, commenting on social media, inviting me to be a vendor, stopping me on the street to acknowledge my work and purchasing a Remnants bag.

Your encouragement gives me the motivation to keep pursuing my dream. 

I am SO fortunate that because of the support of my customers, I am where I am today

Thank you


Forever Grateful,


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