Growing up the daughter of a successful interior designer, the exposure to color and texture were always part of my world. My mother had a beautiful design studio with shelves of wall paper books, design resources and stacks upon stacks of the most amazing fabric memos (samples). I would visit my mom in her design space frequently and would be lucky enough at times to catch her during one of her meetings with a design rep. The rep would bring a suitcase full of the newest and most amazing fabrics coming out of mills from all over the world. The anticipation of what was in that suitcase/bag that was about to be revealed was like Christmas morning; immediate goose bumps when the colors and textures were revealed. But maybe you are wondering what happens to these beautiful fabric memos when the fabric becomes discontinued or the designer has finished her project? And what about all the gorgeous “end pieces” from upholstery projects or draperies? Ever wonder? The U.S. EPA estimates that textile waste occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space. Seriously, how could we all just be throwing away our beautiful fabrics?

In the Summer of 2017, I was dabbling in upholstery and had just finished a beautiful set of chairs. I was struggling with what to do with my remnant pieces of fabric. I could not just throw them away… so I got out my sewing machine and I made a simple fold-over clutch. I posted a picture of this clutch on social media and it sold within minutes…..within minutes ….. and my passion was ignited. My first Remnants was born.

I am so grateful to have so many customers, friends and family who appreciate not only the uniqueness of Remnants, but the importance of re-using and re-purposing textiles. I believe how you carry your stuff matters… and I hope Remnants inspires you to believe that how you carry your self matters too. So ,with your help, I hope to continue to be inspired to do more of what matters most…one bag at a time.

-Virginia Gonzales: Designer, Creator, Owner